The idea of owning investment property always sounds so glamorous.  Just sit back and let the money just roll in.  With the right tenants, it can be smooth sailing but the reality of it is that you will get a "rotten egg" from time to time.   Don't let that keep yourself from buying rentals as Sarah Fulton has just established a property management company here in Ardmore, OK.  

The name of the company could not be more perfect.  PMS- Property Management Solutions, "Taking the headache out of managing property."  Sarah has hired Shelley Clements who is a licensed real estate agent with a long track record of managing her own investment properties.  Shelley is the person you want when it comes to making hard decisions with reference to tenants.  

If you have properties in Ardmore and have considered having them managed by a third party then PMS can make that happen.   Call Shelley Clements today at 580-387-9091.