We have some exciting news, and we have been waiting patiently to share with all of you. United Country Southern Oklahoma Realty officially has new ownership. Yes, Kelly and I decided it was time to pass the reigns to someone looking to grow the business and the United Country franchise. We are proud to announce that Sarah Fulton has stepped up and will be leading the pack going forward. Sarah Fulton has been an instrumental part of our team since 2012 and has proven herself to be a go-getter with an incredible drive and vision for this company. We never imagined when we started the company in 2006 that we would come to a part of life where we would step down. Kelly and I needed someone we could trust and respect that would allow us the opportunity to do what we love most, sell, and market property. In our eyes, Sarah Fulton was the best choice. We will still do everything we did before, just a whole lot better with more time to focus on helping people make their dreams come true. We are confident the company is in good hands and we are excited about what the future holds. 

Kelly and Christy Wilson sell United Country franchise to Sarah Fulton